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The charter is an agreement between our client (The Charterer) and the respective yacht company (the yacht) for a specified date, time and duration.


Payment Terms:


Full payment is required to secure a yacht charter and all deposits are non-refundable.

Please note the additional Safe Management Measures to be implemented during charters on all yachts:


  1. Please note these Safe Management Measures will be implemented during charters on all yachts:

  2. Persons who display any visible respiratory symptoms will not be allowed to board the craft and will be advised to seek medical attention immediately.

  3. No limit on group sizes onboard the craft. As group size limits are lifted, safe distancing will no longer be required between individual or between groups.

  4. The licensed capacity of the craft must not be exceeded in all circumstances.

We seek everyone’s cooperation so that we can continue our operations to enable every single guest to enjoy a day out at sea.    

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation made more than 1 month in advance will be given a full refund at the discretion of Owner. Some yachts do charge an administration fee. Cancellation made less than a month to 14 days prior to the Charter will be subjected to a penalty equivalent to 50% of Charter Price. For cancellation made less than 14 days prior to charter, there will be no refund. Cancellation of food and beverages service less than a week to the charter date will not be refunded. In the event the guests attend on the day to commence the charter and the Captain declares it unsafe to go out to sea, the guests will be eligible to reschedule the charter, subject to availability. If the yacht’s departure from the marina is delayed due to adverse weather, the guests will be eligible for a proportional refund of fees or an extension of the duration of the charter beyond the finishing time originally agreed, subject to availability. In case of adverse weather experienced after the start of the charter, and should the Captain elect to shorten the charter for safety reasons or at the request of guests, the operator will not be liable to any refund of fees. We recommend that Charterers take out Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance to protect their investment if unforeseen circumstances prevent or curtail their charter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the uncertainty of the Covid19 Pandemic and the possibility of a sudden and immediate reduction on social gathering sizes on our yachts as mandated by the Government. Our boat Owners and Zenith Yacht Charters will not be held liable in such unfortunate circumstances and there will be NO REFUNDS for both the yacht charter as well as for a reduction on the number of allowable pax onboard the yacht. Any refunds or postponement of charters can be allowed with a rescheduling fee and waiver of this fee can only be allowed on a case by case basis. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused but please acknowledge this before any payment of deposit or charter fees.



Fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to the yacht, but the Charterer agrees that he is liable for all damages through breach of this agreement, negligence or malicious or wilful acts. The dinghy and its accessories as well as the outboard engine are not insured against theft or loss. The Charterer should carry independent insurance for Personal Effects whilst on board or ashore and for any Medical or Accident expenses (including emergency transport evacuation) incurred (not compulsory). The Charterer should be aware that neither Charterer's liability insurance nor cancellation and curtailment insurance are included in this agreement. We strongly advise that the Charterer ensures that all of his party has adequate personal accident insurance.


Delivery of the Yacht:

The Owner/Operator shall deliver the chartered yacht to the Charterer at the start of the agreed charter period in a clean and seaworthy condition. The Owner/Operator agrees that the yacht is in compliant with any appropriate safety, insurance and chartering regulations in place at the time. Should the owner/operator be unable for charter due to technical issues, even through no fault of his own, to deliver the chartered yacht or a similar yacht at the commencement of the charter period, he is obliged to refund the amount of charter fee collected to the Charterer and thereafter there will be no further rights or claims for damages or compensation from the Charterer.


Itinerary and facilities:

The itinerary and facilities on board any yacht provided on fact sheets as well as any marketing materials we provide, are only accurate to our best efforts. The actual program, duration and start time may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, client preference, the yacht's location and weather conditions on the day itself. We are also unable to guarantee that all the water activities as well as amenities on board will not spoil due to wear and tear, especially during peak season, certain items do take time to repair as well as replace, hope to get your kind understanding on these matters.


The Owner/Operator shall provide a skipper qualified in accordance with the Vessel's licensing requirements and acceptable to the insurers of the yacht. He shall also provide a suitably qualified and properly trained crew. No member of the crew shall carry or use any illegal drugs on board the yacht and the skipper and first mate shall comply with the laws and regulations of any country into whose waters the yacht shall enter during the course of this agreement.

Use of the Yacht and Equipment:

The Charterer agrees to ensure the yacht returns in the same condition as it was prior to the charter. Damages and breakages caused by the guests as a result of willful or neglectful acts or disregard of the Captain or crew’s instructions (including but not limited to as a result of drunken disorderly behaviour), and any costs or liability incurred the yacht company, are the responsibility of The Charterer. For safety reasons, the Captain and/or crew must be notified immediately of any damage or breakage found or caused by the charterer. The Charterer is liable for all damage to the yacht or equipment, as well as for personal injury to third parties and hired staff, plus any resulting damage or loss, which is caused by him or his party with or without intent or through negligence, and not covered by the insurance. The Charterer understands the risks involved in water activities such as, but not limited to, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, contact with marine fauna, and that any participation in such activities by the Charterer or their party is entirely at their own risk.

Smoking Policy and consumption of alcoholic beverages:

The Charterer agrees that if his/her party request permission to smoke on the yacht and any damage is caused to the yacht as a result thereof, the Charterer will be liable for all repair costs. Whilst we allow consumption of alcohol aboard the yacht in a moderate and reasonable manner, in accordance with the Circulars & Notices issued by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), we will deny boarding of the yacht to any guest displaying signs of liquor intoxication. We also reserve the right to curtail any charter if any guest behaves in a drunken and disorderly manner. The Operator will not be liable to any refund of fees in such event. Please do not offer any alcoholic beverages to the skipper and crew during your charter.


Damage to the yacht:

Any damage caused to the yacht by the Charterer, or any extra cleaning required due to the state the Charterer returned the yacht, or any other ad hoc expenses incurred during the charter by the Owner/Operator on behalf of the Charterer, shall be charged to the Charterer following the charter. The Charterer agrees that any such costs can be charged without protest. The owner/operator will provide the Charterer with receipts of the charges for their reference. In the case of damages, prior to the commencement of repair, if the Charterer so requests, the Owner/Operator agrees to allow the Charterer to inspect the damage, and get their own independent assessment and quote for repair (to a standard that is acceptable to the owner/operator and to any surveryor/expert that may have been appointed by the owner/operator’s insurers in such case).


Disembarkation from the yacht:

It is imperative to plan the cruise carefully and to begin the trip in due time in order to guarantee a punctual arrival in the port of disembarkation, even in the event of unfavourable conditions. In addition, the Charterer is liable for expenses incurred by the Owner/Operator and the next charter party, if the next charter party is delayed by the delayed disembarkation. Should the cruise have to terminate at any place other than the agreed place of disembarkation, through fault of the Charterer, the owner/operator must be informed immediately. In this case, the Charterer is liable for all costs incurred to return the yacht to the agreed port of disembarkation.




Zenith Yacht Charters reserves the right to publish photos and videos of the charter on their website and social media. Zenith Yacht Charters also holds the right to publish your company logo on their website ( in case of Corporate charters. Zenith Yacht Charters reserves the right to send marketing material to the guests of the charter. We do provide an unsubscribe option in case they do not want to be disturbed. Zenith Yacht Charters will only be a liaison party between the charterer and the operator. Zenith Yacht Charters will not have any monetary obligation. We assume that you have read the terms and conditions when you book a charter with us and have accepted all conditions stated above.

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