Southern Islands Marine Yacht Tour

Updated: Apr 19

Join us on a luxury Catamaran Yacht that will take you on a tour of the southern islands of Singapore, disembark on the secluded Pulau Hantu to explore the coastal trail for its marine biodiversity, and contribute to environment conservation by engaging in an educational beach cleanup!

Port and Petrochemical Historic Tour: Learn about the history of PSA Port, Jurong Island, Pulau Bukom, and Pulau Semakau, and how they contributed to the development and success of Singapore

Marine Educational Tour: Get your explorer hats on, and follow our engaging educators to investigate various peculiar trails left by marine and terrestrial animals on Pulau Hantu's coastal splash zones. The degree of exposure varies according to the tidal table on the day itself

Environmental Conservation: Participants will be able to contribute to the cleaning up of pollution and rubbish along Pulau Hantu's shores, and learn about the damage of non-biodegradable consumables on the ocean and its inhabitants

Please note that in case of heavy rain, an artifacts handling program will be conducted instead

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