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  • Do I need to bring my Passport on a Yacht Charter? 坐游艇出海我需要带护照吗?
    No, unless you are exiting Singapore waters and heading overseas. 不需要,除非航海出国,否则您不需要携带护照。
  • Can I smoke on a Yacht Charter? 我可以在游艇上抽烟吗?
    Generally, no smoking is allowed on board our pleasure crafts, but exemptions can be made if agreed by the captain or crew at certain designated areas. 一般情况乘坐游艇时不可以抽烟,除非得到船长或船员的许可。在指定的区域抽烟(普遍船尾)。
  • What if it rains on the day of the Charter? 如果租船当天下雨怎么办?
    Singapore is a tropical weather country, drizzles and showers are common and typically subsides after awhile, the rain is also likely smaller at the islands where the yacht usually anchors. As such, under most circumstances the charter will still proceed. Even if there is rain, please proceed to the meeting point as per normal and wait for directions from the captain. The onerous lies on the captain on the day itself to decide whether it is too dangerous to proceed(usually they will just delay the charter for a bit if too heavy rain). In the worst case scenario, we will arrange for a mutually agreeable date for postponement. However, no refunds or reimbursement of charter fees or F&B will be provided. 新加坡是一个热带雨林的国家,下雨很平常,但普遍下一会也会停,所以出海之前哪怕下雨也要去码头等待。一般船长会决定是否在此天气条件下出海。如果确实太危险,我们会重新安排其他日期,但不会退款。对于因取消而导致的任何未吃的餐饮,我们不承担责任。
  • Where there be a captain to drive the yacht? 有人驾驶游艇吗?
    Yes, there will be a captain and at least 1 crew to nagivate the boat and ensure your safety during your charter. Unless of course your booking is made specifically on a self driving charter. 有人驾驶,所有船只都配备了一名船长和至少一名船员,他们负责操作游艇,最重要的是确保您在租船期间的安全。
  • What do we need to bring on a yacht charter? 乘坐游艇那天我需要带什么?
    1. Sea sick pills must be taken 30-60mins before boarding the yacht, for its effectiveness. 晕船药。请在登船前30-60分钟服用,服用后避免饮酒,以确保其有效性。 2. Comfortable and casual attire is recommended and no shoes or socks is allowed on board due to safety reasons. - 舒适的衣服和鞋子。(除非有主题),登船前必须脱掉所有鞋子。 3. Sunblock, sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhats and any other items if you are afraid of tanning under the intense Singapore Sun. All our yachts will also have ample space and shelter for you to hide from the sun. - 防晒用具。如果您怕晒伤,请佩戴防晒霜、太阳镜和遮阳帽。然而,大多数游艇都有很大的室内区域,您在出海过程中也可以得到遮护。 4. Insect repellent if you are looking to explore the Southern Islands. - 驱虫剂。如果您想探索天然岛屿,请携带驱虫剂或驱蚊剂。 5. Swimming attire and a change of clothes if you are looking to paddleboard, kayak or part take in any water activities. - 游泳衣。如果您计划去游泳或参加皮划艇、水上摩托艇和花车等水上活动,请穿着泳衣、比基尼、毛巾、肥皂和换洗衣服。 6. Most of our yachts are equiped with an excellent Hifi system which you can connect your favorite playlists to using USB, Bluetooth or audio cables. - 我们的游艇上通常有一个良好的音响系统,您可以使用 USB 电缆或蓝牙插入您的移动设备。 7. Most importantly, bring along an awesome smile and be ready to have some fun! - 最重要的是!带上一个伟大的个性,准备好玩得开心!
  • Can I do decorations on board the yacht? 我可以在游艇上做一些装饰吗?
    We have a professional and creative decoration team that can create a memorable birthday, anniversary or proposal set up to your customisation or preference. But if you intend to do your own, please note that typically you will only 30-45mins of time to setup before the boat departure. Please also note that no confetti and balloons are allowed for decoration on the yachts at One15 Marina, Sentosa Cove. 对于生日派对、单身/单身之夜、婴儿满月或周年纪念日,我们会提供标准化配套,可满足您的大部分需求。如果您想自己装饰,装饰时间通常限制在租船前 30-45 分钟。如果有你有特别活动,请告诉我们,我们很乐意帮助你安排。
  • Is there caller and data reception on the boat? 游艇上是否可以收到手机信号或移动网络?
    Under most circumstances, you should still have both data and caller connection at the southern islands that we sail to. However, it really depends on the telco your use for the actual connectivity on the day itself. 在多数情况下,您可以在租船期间与外界保持联系。但是,如果在南部岛屿的某些区域可能会遇到网络连接不佳的情况,所以在上传大型视频或发帖之前务必检查您的网络服务提供商,因为那个时候您有可能正在使用海外电信公司,这会使你承担更多的通讯费。
  • How is the Payment and Refund policy like? 退款的条款和条件是什么?
    Full payment of must be received and the yacht to confirm availability before a charter is confirmed. Strictly no refunds after payment is made and any concessions will be granted at the discretion of the yacht owners. 您的租赁需付全款+游艇确认之后才算确定。注意:付款之前要考虑清楚出发时间还有人数,付款之后游艇一般不支持退。
  • Can we bring our own F&B onto the yacht? 我可以将外面的食物带上游艇吗?
    Yes, you may bring your own F&B onto the yacht at no cost, most yachts also do not charge a corkage fee for that. 可以外带食物,但有可能需要您支付开瓶费,具体取决于游艇规定。
  • Is there an age limitation for chartering a boat? 乘坐游艇有年龄限制吗?
    No, we have clients who are a few weeks old and others who are over their 80s, but all of them can still enjoy a day out at sea nonetheless!:) Do note that the fees charged is the same regardless of age and gender. 没有年龄限制,但是无论成人还是孩童,收费都是相同的。
  • Is it safe to go on a yacht charter during the Covid period? 安全吗?特别在疫情期间有哪些额外措施?
    It is generally safer to go on a private yacht charter as opposed to the supermarket or the hawker centres, reason being that you will most likely have the entire yacht to yourself apart from the captain and crew on board which will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the trip. Our yachts are also cleaned after every charter and will strictly adhere to the Safe Management Measure set out by the authorities. Read our Terms and conditions for the latest COVID19 SAFE MANAGEMENT MEASURES ensured on board.
  • Is there shower facilities on board our yachts?游艇上有淋浴设施吗?
    Yes, most of our yachts are equipped with shower and cleaning facilities onboard. 是的,大多数游艇上都有卫生间和淋浴冲凉设施。
  • Why can't red wine be taken on yachts? 为什么红酒不能被带上游艇?
    We highly recommend that you stay off red wine on board a charter due to the high probability of spillage while cruising. Red wine in particular can stain the white surface of the yacht and a hefty cleaning fee may be imposed by the yacht owner on you, as such though some yachts may allow the consumption of red wine on board, we highly recommend that you pick another type of alcohol beverage for the trip. 我们强烈建议您在游艇上不要喝红酒,因为在巡航时,红酒很容易溢出,尤其会弄脏游艇的白色表面。为此,游艇主人可能会向您收取高额的清洁费。虽然有些游艇可能会允许乘客在船上饮用红酒,但我们还是建议您选择其他酒精饮料比较稳妥。
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